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Trust Tairāwhiti Brand Video

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    Motion – Kori

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    Identity – People & Culture

    Identity – Place

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    Gisborne, Te Tai Rāwhiti

Project Overview:
He tohu ora
A journey of transformation

Trust Tairāwhiti is the new name for Eastland Community Trust – the regional development trust for Te Tairāwhiti. With $100 million to invest into the region by 2025, the Trust needed to better connect with its diverse communities and communicate its focus on regional wellbeing with greater clarity.

After months of stakeholder, iwi, and community workshops to create a new brand, we crafted a brand video to introduce the new entity to the public and share the korero behind the brand.

Tātau Tātau
A culture of sharing

Tātau = Tātau is the Tairāwhiti version of the concept ‘what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours’. The theme of sharing is central to the Trust Tairāwhiti kaupapa, and the concept of duality which flows through the brand.

Mā te ngutukura
An identity that reflects its region

We partnered with New Zealand’s leading cultural advisor, Tairāwhiti artist, Derek Lardelli, to add rich layers and authenticity to our initial tohu designs. This collaboration was key to creating a brand that is both beautiful in its simplicity, yet completely unique and significant to Tairāwhiti.

The Trust Tairāwhiti tohu invites its communities to walk through the waharoa on the pathway to shared wellbeing. It’s storytelling that is inclusive and carried through to the three distinct functions of the Trust, with each differentiated through colour and pattern.

We scripted and produced a video that captured the essence of this brand – and shared their kaupapa with the communities they serve.

He Huarahi Ora
Our Story

Our great journey began more than 25 years ago.
With the passage of time, our vision has become clearer: transforming Tairāwhiti into a place of...

Te Mana - Shared Pride; where culture connects, relationships empower, and nature endures

Te Ihi - Shared Prosperity; where people flourish, business booms, and tourism thrives

Te Wehi - Shared Opportunity; where children dream, communities unite, and futures inspire.

As the sun rises over Tairāwhiti, you’ll find our people where they are needed most. At the heart of our communities on this journey of transformation. Kaitiaki of precious taonga.

Shared for generations to come.

We are Trust Tairāwhiti

Archiver’s Response:

"Very touching and beautifully shot. Great execution."

"A well-curated emotive piece. The video really conveys pride of place with a diverse and tight community. The landscape shots were outstanding and stunning. It does well to communicate the shared connection from elder generations to future. What I like most is it removes your awareness of business communication to simply tell the story of the brand. The brand itself has just the right amount of presence. The shot list is massively impressive and well balanced for a short video.
Overall it's Aotearoa in its best light, and I think our landscape around us should be and will always be a designer's haven for inspiration. This demonstrates that well. Ka pai."

"Through a workshop series and the implication of Derek Lardelli, the design process echoes the core theme of the project: collaboration.
The video editing reflects the shared dream and kaupapa to achieve wellbeing through sharing."

Credits & Collaborators:
Creative Director - Reuben Woods
Design Director - Phil Harris
Design Strategist - Stephen Finnegan
Designer - Sara Keranen-Gramner, Sean Peggs
Account manager - Kirsten Ogden

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