Vicktoria Johnson
Tāmata Reo (Pangahono)

  • 2021

    Submission # 25

  • Output

    Self-initiated – Tāku kaupapa

  • Kaupapa

    Identity – People & Culture

    Innovation – Methodological

  • Location

    Auckland, Tāmaki Makaurau

Project Overview:
This project sits within the current revitalisation of Māori language movement. It belongs to the initiative called Tāmata Reo, it is a collective of typographic pictograms that help me to interpret and communicate my findings in Te Reo Māori. This work reflects the use of symbolism found within written languages, with the use of the Tohunga Suppression Act in 1907, it put a stop to many practices known to be traditional art forms inclusive of written language. The innovation of this work combines typography with pictorial references to create symbols. Multi-media gives various platforms for the work to be presented and enhances functionality, widening the scope of the project. The direction of the project was to create interactivity.

The kaupapa is to revitalise language, I use this project to reclaim Te Reo Māori. The work acts as an educational tool and seeks to influence positive attitudes towards Māori language through art and design.

Language, people, land and water are interrelated. I chose to work with biodegradable materials, the decision is informed by the values of kaitiakitanga. It's thinking about the well being of the environment, the user, as well as the work itself after it has left my care.

This aspect of the Tāmata Reo takes the approach of learning through doing. The outcome was a puzzle, enhancing cognitive development through shape recognition, hand-eye coordination, concentration and problem solving. The pieces were given a thickness of 9mm to bring boldness and weight the presence of the work.

Archiver’s Response:

The historical context of the work and the Tāmata Reo initiative are very interesting

Tāmata Reo Pangahono 1
Tāmata Reo Pangahono 4
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