• 2020

    Submission # 57

  • Output

    Identity – Tuakiri

  • Kaupapa

    Innovation – Philosophical

    Impact – Reach / Results / ROI

  • Location

    Otago, Ōtākou

Project Overview:
The client's brief was, "It is time to get back to the basics". This statement responds to the brand's philosophy: Kapsi is a roasted capsicum sauce, and its simplicity is what makes it unique.
Although the brand value lies in its simplicity, a roasted capsicum sauce is not a common mass product as a tomato sauce; in fact, it is strange. The design challenge is between those two points. We need to develop a simple concept to reflect the brand's core value but with a unique design approach that shows this different side of the product without confusing it with a tomato sauce.

Scope of work:
Brand Design / Concept Development / Visual Identity / Packaging Design/ Web Design

The intention was to achieve a perfect mix between simplicity and singularity. For that reason is that the brand reveals all of its bold character with an Arial typography and bright colours, accepting that less is better when the world is saturated with information. But on the other hand, to support the strategy of "singularity", we decide that the label should not follow the container's shape to stand out from the rest, breaking all the design senses. The result is weird and fabulous, the perfect balance to be memorable.

We are proud of the project because it reaffirms what we believe is essential in graphic design: the ideas. Logically, the execution must be adequate, but without a clear decision regarding what we want to communicate, the rest remains as a makeup, empty, and we deeply believe in solid concepts as a core value in our design.

The design's originality is that the label does not follow the container's shape. Still, to avoid rejection from the audience, we choose a standard bottle to help Kapsi fit within the sauces category. The "New" statement at the front of the packaging reinforces that Kapsi is something new and different within the world of sauces. The decision of using a capsicum photo with bright colour at the front of the pack is the final touch to respond to our client's demand and show with the packaging design that "what you see is what you get".

To finalise, we had an excellent response. The project was awarded and published worldwide, achieving wide visibility for a local product from Queenstown.

Archiver’s Response:

"Surprising execution that beats its own drum within a crowded market. Deceptively simple and rides the line between default and designed."

"An interesting trial of stripped back, bare-to-the bones branding. Not something that would be attempted in to many countries, so bravo for to the client and designers for committing to the theme."

"This project really challenges the codes and conventions of packaging design, typography and composition. Its challenge and innovation is its simplicity and lack of design. Its not just challenging for us a designers—its also challenging for the consumer."

"Great Awareness of category norms — that were broken in a way that stayed within category! Simplicity — beautifully crafted."

Credits & Collaborators:
Creative Director - Bren Imboden
Creative Director - Luis Viale
Art Director - Bren Imboden

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